Ovarian cancer and nutrition

When we have a health problem, the first step we take is to go with the general doctor, however we should not hesitate to go with a specialist when necessary, in some circumstances it is obvious, for example, if we need some dental treatment we go directly to Pacific Implant Center for dental implants in Tijuana. Other times it is not so easy to know what we have, and we went through different studies and specialists to find out that we have some type of cancer.

One of the most common cancers among women today is ovarian cancer, according to research one of the risk factors would be obesity, not having children because women who have given birth have a lower risk of cancer. Ovary; With each child you have, it seems to decrease the risk proportionally. Breastfeeding also appears to be a preventive factor. The use of oral contraceptives also seems to reduce ovarian cancer. On the other hand, no study has found a relationship between increased risk of ovarian cancer and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

The symptoms of ovarian cancer would include:
Swelling of the abdomen/increase in abdominal size / progressive abdominal distension caused by the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.

The sensation of feeling satiated when eating.

A sensation of difficulty breathing or shortness of breath caused by the accumulation of fluid in the pleura.

Pelvic or abdominal pain and diuresis or the need to urinate more frequently, caused by the growth of the ovarian mass in the pelvis that affects the adjacent structures, mainly bladder and rectum.

It is important to make five daily meals and hydrate well, avoid chopping between meals and eating when you touch; best to cook in the oven, grilled or steamed, leaving aside the fried ones, and above all, eat without haste. All this will contribute to improve the health of employees and their performance, and consequently improve productivity in companies.

We should remember and reflect, in short, on the fact that a monotonous, repetitive diet or in which essential food is lacking for our organism can lead to the appearance of specific physical symptoms: excessive fatigue, lack of reflexes … as well as psychic symptoms: lack of interest in things, irritability, etc. Food at work, and all that entails should never be considered as an expense, but as a present and future investment, both individually and collectively.